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Portraits from 1980-2002

I have yet to scan all my portrait work from the pre-digital days so here are just some of the shots from those heady days.


In 1996 Max magazine in Athens commissioned me to photograph the Greek contingent of Olympian athletes to the Atlanta Olympics for an article they were doing on the subject.

I proposed that we set up individual scenarios for each athlete where I would photograph them doing something strange or amusing or at any rate different to their actual athletic role. The magazine and the athletes loved the idea.

For each of the people I proposed a different set up. For example I shot the Karate champ in full regalia in a bar with a cocktail on the table and a sexy fan on his lap in the style of the paparazzi with flash and with the two of them looking shocked and as if they were trying to stop me taking the shot. It was huge fun.

I worked with these wonderful, dedicated people who gave me a lot of time they could have used for more preparation, and they proved really good at acting the parts I gave them.

Imagine then my disappointment when not only did the magazine change and pretty much destroy all my images with vapidly stupid Photoshop tricks and montage, but also and much more awfully insulted pretty much all the athletes in the process by making them look ridiculous.

Max then added injury to insult by refusing to return my original slides, which to this day I still do not possess.

The only thing left in my own collection are a few of the autographed pre-shoot Polaroid SX70s I took of these superb people.

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