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Shooting Katalin

Katalin, 1995

Back in the mid 1990’s me and my lovely wife Cassi set up a series of shoots based on little visual scenarios with budding models.

We shot most of the work in our little house in Athens, lighting was all natural, the camera was Hasselblad equipped with a standard lens (80mm) and I used a variety of films. The only concession made to “professional” shooting was using our friend and then hair & make-up artist Tassos to style the look we wanted. Clothes and styling were provided by me and Cassi.

This one set is eternally to be one of my all time favourites from all my years of work with beautiful ladies. Katalin was so amazing at understanding what characterisation we wanted the subject to have.

This concept was very simple. Show the total Party Girl. Anarchic, don’t give a shit young woman, hedonistic to the very marrow.

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