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Invisible Cities

An occasional series I began in 1989

These photographs from Athens/The Mediterranean (1987), London (1989), Manchester (1990), Lisbon (1992), London (1992) & Lake Konstanz (1993)

Tech Note for those of you who care about these things: If you find the appearance of some of these photographs a little odd, it is because they were deliberately shot on a corrupted batch of Ilford PAN F 25 ASA medium format film in London & Manchester. Some time in the mid Eighties I bought a large batch of film & on processing the film presented a whole gamut of problems. Instead of taking the batch back for replacement, I tested it until I got workable negs from it. These were shot on my old Mamiya 645 & 80mm lens. It was the same batch I would use later in the Grand Canyon. I loved the effect of the corruption, it added an other worldly feel to the shots that I relished. The shots from Portugal were with a Nikon FM & 50mm f1.4 on Kodak Tri-X pushed to 800 ASA, and processed in Ilford Perceptol at my normal 1:1 ratio. Billingsgate was also shot on FM2 with Tri-X, at 400 ASA. Acropolis I shot on a Pentax MX with Kodak Tri-X. All shots printed on and scanned from exhibition standard prints made of Agfa Record Rapid fibre based paper grades 3 & 4. No Photoshop interference here.

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