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PhotoWalks with Cassi | 2008-2021

My wife Cassi and I have a little tradition we call our PhotoWalks.

Back in the early days of 2007 I got my first digital SLR,  Nikon D200. It was a great camera and totally compatible with all my original Nikkor prime lenses. Cassi and I have always been good walkers and we enjoyed trekking around our city and discovering new and interesting places. We also travelled whenever we could to the many islands of this country. In 2011 I bought a D700 so my D200 went to Cassi. I always thought she was a very talented person, and she proved it once she had a good camera to work with. So our walks became more and more about recording our adventures.

This eventually became the  PhotoWalks with Cassi project that still goes on. So as an opener on this, my new server, I decided to dedicate a page to my photographs of Cassi in action in the parks, nature reserves and wild hills of Athens.

Here is a set of my shots of Cassi in actions over the years.

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