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Route ’93 | Portraits

These portraits were shot based on an unusual set of parameters. The way it worked was this.

Step 1: I saw someone I thought was interesting for whatever reason.

Step 2: I approached them and opened a conversation with them. Depending on what their demeanour told me my approach was different for each person.

Step 3: Since I always had my camera visible and never tried to hide it, I had the chance to lead into a discussion of what I was doing with my project.

Step 4: Popped the question.

One shot per person, no second chances.

Most amazing to my European sensibilities, not one person I asked refused. If anything I would say that 99% immediately agreed, and invariably asked me how I wanted them. It totally threw me that not one person seemed at all shy or worried about posing. And they really did pose, everyone of them immediately took up a stance. I loved it and even though I only shot one frame per person, everyone I photographed appears in the set, with the exception of one person, and that was due to technical issues with the negative.

Thanks to every one of the people in these pictures.

Mamiya 645 80mm, Nikon FM  Nikkor 50mm f1.4, Kodak Tri-X Kodak 35mm film

From the series “Route” taken in 1993 in the Western States of America. Featured in the book “Route ’93”
published by 3 in a box design associates in 2007

VM, Athens 2007

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