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Hi there,

It seems I have abandoned posting, and though there are a lot of development stuff happening right now. I just kind of don’t have time to keep writing for all the different threads that I have going at present.

Now there is one thing though: I’m thinking again about some of the various photo-stories I’ve done in the seventeen years I’ve been living in Athens.

There’s the transport series, the society series, the Athens at night that I’ve mentioned here before… And yet I’ve done very little to collate the work, apart from some noodling about finding and preparing an image here, another there without a real concerted effort to put it all together in a cohesive manner.

So here I go again posting one from a baptism in 2006!

Oh well one day!

(a little techie detailing: This was shot with natural light, on a Pentax A10 compact… so there was quite a lot of noise given the high exposure settings, which is a great shame. I really wish this set was of much higher quality, but there you are. It was processed in Photoshop, where I controlled the focus a little better than is possible in the original lens, and processed it for the highest quality I could for Black & White use…)

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